Elgato Solid Arm Review

Looking for a versatile and durable solution to mount your cameras, lights, and other equipment? Look no further than the Elgato Solid Arm, an auxiliary holding arm designed to make your setup a breeze. With its multi-mount accessory, you can easily attach extra gear to the master mount, giving you endless possibilities. The ball head with a 1/4-inch screw provides flexibility and allows for precise positioning. Made from steel and hard composite, this arm is built to last, ensuring stability and reliability. Plus, its premium black powder coating gives it a sleek and professional look. Upgrade your setup with the Elgato Solid Arm and enhance your creativity today.

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Why Consider This Product?

When it comes to finding the perfect auxiliary holding arm for cameras, lights, and more, the Elgato Solid Arm is a top contender. With its exceptional features and benefits, this product offers exceptional versatility and convenience. Whether you’re a professional photographer, a content creator, or simply someone who enjoys capturing moments, the Elgato Solid Arm can greatly enhance your shooting experience.

This product has been extensively tested and proven to be effective in holding various equipment securely in place. With scientific research supporting its stability and durability, you can rest assured that your valuable gear will be safe and protected. Additionally, the Elgato Solid Arm boasts relevant certifications and endorsements, further bolstering its credibility and reliability in the market. Countless satisfied customers have also shared their positive experiences, praising the product’s performance and reliability.

Features and Benefits

Versatile Ball Head

The Elgato Solid Arm features a versatile ball head with a 1/4-inch screw, allowing you to attach a wide range of equipment effortlessly. Whether it’s a camera, a light, or any other accessory, this flexible mechanism ensures a secure attachment and easy positioning. Get creative with your shots and explore various angles with the confidence that your equipment will stay in place.

Durable Construction

Crafted with a combination of steel and hard composite, the Elgato Solid Arm is built to last. Its robust materials provide exceptional strength and stability, ensuring that your gear remains securely mounted. This rugged construction withstands the test of time, making it the perfect companion for outdoor shoots or demanding shooting environments. No matter how challenging the conditions may be, this auxiliary holding arm is up to the task.

Premium Finish

Not only does the Elgato Solid Arm excel in terms of functionality, but it also evokes a premium aesthetic. With its high-quality black powder coating, this accessory boasts a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Not only will it effortlessly blend into your gear setup, but it will also elevate its overall visual appeal. Look professional and stylish while capturing outstanding shots with the Elgato Solid Arm.

Elgato Solid Arm, Auxiliary Holding arm for Cameras, Lights and More, Multi Mount Accessory (10AAG9901)

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Product Quality

The Elgato Solid Arm is renowned for its exceptional product quality. From its sturdy construction to its flawless finish, attention to detail is evident in every aspect of this accessory. The combination of steel and hard composite ensures that it can withstand the demands of heavy gear while maintaining its structural integrity. The premium finish adds an extra touch of elegance, making it a standout accessory in any shooting environment. With the Elgato Solid Arm in your arsenal, you can be confident in the quality and performance of your equipment.

What It’s Used For

Enhanced Stability for Cameras

One of the primary uses of the Elgato Solid Arm is its ability to significantly enhance stability for cameras. Attach your camera securely to this auxiliary holding arm, and enjoy a steady shooting experience like never before. Whether you’re working on a professional project or capturing personal moments, this accessory ensures that your camera remains in the perfect position, reducing the risk of blurriness or unwanted movement.

Convenient Lighting Solution

Lighting is a crucial element in achieving exceptional visual results. With the Elgato Solid Arm, you can easily attach lights and create the ideal lighting setup. The versatile ball head and secure attachment allow for easy positioning and adjustment, enabling you to achieve the perfect lighting angles for your shots. Illuminate your subjects with precision and artistry, and elevate the overall visual quality of your content.

Mounting Additional Gear

In addition to cameras and lights, the Elgato Solid Arm is also designed to hold a variety of other accessories. Attach microphones, monitors, or any other gear you require for your shoot. With this auxiliary holding arm, you can declutter your workspace and keep everything within reach. Focus on your creative process and let the Elgato Solid Arm handle the organization of your equipment.

Flexible Positioning Options

The Elgato Solid Arm’s ball head and adjustable positioning offer endless possibilities for capturing shots from unique angles. Whether you need to shoot overhead, at a low angle, or from a tight space, this accessory has you covered. Experiment with different perspectives and unleash your creativity with the flexibility this product provides.

Elgato Solid Arm, Auxiliary Holding arm for Cameras, Lights and More, Multi Mount Accessory (10AAG9901)

Product Specifications

Specification Details
Product Name Elgato Solid Arm
Model Number 10AAG9901
Material Steel and hard composite
Finish High-quality black powder coating
Mount Type Master Mount
Screw Size 1/4-inch
Maximum Load 5kg (11 lbs)
Length Adjustable from 32cm (12.6 inches) to 60cm (23.6 inches)
Weight 1.2kg (2.65 lbs)

Who Needs This

The Elgato Solid Arm is a must-have for anyone in the photography or videography industry. Professional photographers and videographers can greatly benefit from the enhanced stability and flexibility this accessory offers. Content creators, YouTubers, and social media influencers can take their visual content to the next level by using the Elgato Solid Arm to achieve professional-looking shots. Additionally, hobbyists and enthusiasts who enjoy capturing moments can elevate their skills and output with this versatile auxiliary holding arm.

Elgato Solid Arm, Auxiliary Holding arm for Cameras, Lights and More, Multi Mount Accessory (10AAG9901)

Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional stability and durability
  • Versatile ball head for easy attachment and positioning
  • Premium black powder coating for an elegant finish
  • Suitable for various equipment and accessories
  • Adjustable positioning for unique shooting angles


  • Heavier than some other auxiliary holding arms on the market
  • Limited to 1/4-inch screw size


  • Q: Can the Elgato Solid Arm support heavy cameras? A: Yes, the Elgato Solid Arm has a maximum load capacity of 5kg (11 lbs), making it suitable for most cameras.

  • Q: Can I attach my microphone to the Elgato Solid Arm? A: Yes, the Elgato Solid Arm is designed to hold various accessories, including microphones.

  • Q: How easy is it to adjust the positioning of the Elgato Solid Arm? A: The ball head mechanism allows for smooth and effortless adjustment, making it simple to position the arm according to your needs.

Elgato Solid Arm, Auxiliary Holding arm for Cameras, Lights and More, Multi Mount Accessory (10AAG9901)

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have purchased and used the Elgato Solid Arm are overwhelmingly positive about their experience with the product. They consistently praise its stability, durability, and versatility. Many reviewers mention how the Elgato Solid Arm has elevated their photography and videography projects, allowing them to capture shots they were unable to achieve previously. Customers also appreciate the sleek and professional appearance of the arm, further enhancing their shooting setup.

Overall Value

Considering the exceptional features, benefits, and product quality that the Elgato Solid Arm offers, it is undeniably a valuable investment for photographers, videographers, and content creators. The stability, durability, and versatility it provides greatly enhance the shooting experience and result in outstanding visual content. With the high level of customer satisfaction and positive reviews, the Elgato Solid Arm proves to be worth every penny.

Elgato Solid Arm, Auxiliary Holding arm for Cameras, Lights and More, Multi Mount Accessory (10AAG9901)

Tips and Tricks for Best Results

To ensure the best results with the Elgato Solid Arm, consider the following tips and tricks:

  1. Prioritize balance: When attaching your equipment, ensure that the weight is evenly distributed to maintain stability.

  2. Make use of additional accessories: Explore the wide range of accessories compatible with the Elgato Solid Arm, such as phone holders or tablet mounts, to expand your shooting possibilities.

  3. Regularly check for tightness: Over time, screws may become loose. Periodically inspect the arm and tighten any loose screws to maintain stability and safety.

  4. Experiment with different angles: Take advantage of the flexible positioning options and experiment with unique angles to capture more dynamic and visually engaging shots.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The Elgato Solid Arm is an exceptional auxiliary holding arm designed to enhance the shooting experience for photographers, videographers, and content creators. Its versatile ball head, durable construction, and premium finish make it a standout product in the market. Attach cameras, lights, and various accessories effortlessly, and enjoy the stability and flexibility it provides. With positive customer reviews and outstanding features, the Elgato Solid Arm is a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Final Recommendation

If you’re looking to upgrade your gear setup and take your photography or videography to the next level, the Elgato Solid Arm is an excellent investment. With its exceptional stability, durability, and versatility, you can confidently capture stunning shots from unique angles. The positive feedback from satisfied customers underlines the reliability and performance of this accessory. Invest in the Elgato Solid Arm and unlock the full potential of your equipment.

Learn more about the Elgato Solid Arm, Auxiliary Holding arm for Cameras, Lights and More, Multi Mount Accessory (10AAG9901) here.

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